I’m reading the beta dialogue for the attack on teldrassil, it’s horrible

I am serious when I say that everything being released for BFA for launch events and the current game is Not Good and allied races and zone aesthetics are all it has, it’s trying to do everything, it’s WoD 2 Electric Boogaloo with an entire ripped plot and theme from MoP, a villian theme harkening back to Wrath, carry-over elements from Legion and complete clunky disaster writing circa Cataclysm

The problem with WoD wasn’t its initial content release, it wasn’t until a month or so in that the real problems that made it the worst expansion of all time became apparent, which had nothing to do with writing.

Never forget kids, every expansion in history since Wrath has had more integrated plot lines and far worse writing than you’d like to remember. WoD’s form of this was missing pieces rather than pieces that were there that made no sense.

WoD’s entire premise was “We’re going back into the past (but not into the actual past because this is an alternate universe) because of Garrosh Hellscream and a bronze dragon”  It had the same plot premise issues that BoFA is having

Not to mention that we’re two months out from pre-patch and classes are still super broken without artifact weapons

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