Concept: elves who fully fail to grasp the difference between their lifespan and that of humans. Coming back to a town like “wtf this shop was JUST HERE last decade years ago I don’t understand” “what do you mean Philipp isn’t here this is his house I just visited him 50 years ago” “I’m sorry this potion is HOW MUCH I should be able to get TWELVE for that price!”

Elves still using human slang from 100 years ago because this is how the young people speak these days, yes?

Elves with a smug sense of superiority because their clothing is appropriate trendy who just happened to revisit humans when the fashion had cycled back around.

Elves apologizing profusely because the item they gave a human hero was passed down through three generations and then broke, it lasted less than a century they have embarrassed themselves and their kinfolk with such a shoddy gift.

Elves who commisioned a human craftsman than return to the shop 50+ years later confused that the item has long since been sold to someone else, or hidden away