Commissions are Open

Good afternoon, Tumblr friends! I have good news – commission slots for original character pieces are once again open. After completing the work above for the awesome @theodorebennas, I had a bunch of messages from folks interested in getting their own projects done, so now it your chance!

What is offered:

At this time I will offering two types of projects: 3-4 minute full orchestral works (as seen above, or right here) as well as 2-3 minute piano only works (example here or here). Please do browse my SoundCloud page for a wide variety of pieces and examples of what I write. Pieces are not limited to characters but can include a wide variety of subjects – locations, guilds, etc. The possibilities are endless!


Full orchestral works will be $170 while piano only* works will be $80. A deposit of at least 25% is required before any work on your project begins. All funds are handled via PayPal, though further information in that regard will be shared when your project begins. * A note about “piano only” works. These works do not necessarily have to be piano, but are limited to a single, similar interest (harp, harpsichord, keyboard, etc.). Here is an example of a harp only work that would also fall within the purview of “piano-only.”

How do I get a slot:

Send me a direct message here on Tumblr (reblogs and comments are hard to keep track of). Slots will be very limited this time around at 2 each – only 4 slots total. I will keep a list at the bottom of this post with those who are in the queue.

Current Slot Availability:

1) full-scale orchestral work (3-4 minutes) @kidcatgemini

2) full-scale orchestral work (3-4 minutes) OPEN

3) piano (or similar single instrument) only work (2-3 minutes) OPEN

4) piano (or similar single instrument) only work (2-3 minutes) OPEN


Thanks, as always, for listening in and for the awesome support. I always have such a fun time writing for these incredible characters, so thank you all for the opportunity to bring your creations to musical life!

One of the full-scale orchestral slots has opened back up and the two piano (or similar instrument) spots are still open as well.

Hope you’re all having a marvelous Saturday evening!

Still have a few openings if anyone is interested!

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