latin fact #1: the letter v in latin is pronounced like the letter w in english. as such, the latin word for hello, salve, would be pronounced sal-weh

latin fact #2: there’s a quote from vergil’s aeneid, one of the most famous works of latin literature, that includes the phrase nunc morere, which is basically the latin way of saying “then perish”

latin fact #3: thanks to latin pronunciation rules, you could totally make a hewwo mr obama meme in latin using a quote from one of the most influential poems of the ancient world

look if i’m gonna be cursed with this knowledge i’m gonna curse y’all with it too

1: S-salve ecquis ibi estne?

*spelunca aquae lente incohat inplere*

1:S-salve aliquis serva me pwecow Salve?

*summa aquae vix adluere potes sentire*

1: Nonnonnonnon salve!! Salve serva me

2: Deus wequietem da spiritui tui

1. Salve! Domine, cur hoc mihi facias Salve!! Serva me pwecow


1: M-magistre obame iste tu estne salve! Serva me pwecow video esse in pavlo twibulatione magistre obame salve S-salve


1: @( ◕ x ◕ )@

1: Pwecow te Magistre Obame serva me nolo mowiwe

1: S-salve Magistre Obame hoc tamen esne


1: Magistre obame pwecow mersus sum S-salve timefactus sum

1: Quidquam faciam tibi magistre obame pwecow serva

2: Quidquam?

1: Quidquam tibi magistre obame :3

2: Nunc morere


1: D:

One of my Latin students drew a cartoon of Obama saying “NUNC MORERE” on the back of her latest quiz and I blame all of you the internet is canceled





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