Some planning sketches for an antagonist OC I’m excited about! 

Her name is Yxiona, and she’s a Twilight dragon masquerading as a void elf. Experimented on, used, Twisted, beaten, brutalized, she holds the vast majority of the world in very low regard and continues to live for one reason alone—scientific advancement. 

Specifically, the advancement in the area of making more Twilight eggs. Seeing the loss of power from the Aspects, she feels that the only way for dragons to continue is to be like her—vampiric, feeding off of the energies of the world. She has a fierce protective streak for other dragons, but this manifests itself in…odd, and mostly harmful ways. She’s not a nice person. 

She has ties to the Kirin Tor through her ren’dorei disguise, but is currently allied with Ethereals in the pursuit of various Nether energies. 

I love her??? So much?????