Aerieadne Stormfury:

One of the three sisters, Aerieadne was once a Harpy living outside of the ruins of Eldre’thar.  Originally an inhabitant there before mysterious circumstances changed a handful of Night Elves into Harpies, she lived out most of her days among the nests, protecting the eggs.

That is until Deathwing swooped through blazing a fiery path in his wake. Destroying most of their nests, their woods, their home, not many harpies were left save two. Dusk had not made her way back yet, but Aerie having been on a hunting mission for food, returned to find everyone dead. She would have escaped, but a burning tree fell and pinned her, scorching her feathers and nearly killing her.

That is until someone else saved her and carried her to the edge of the Vale so that she might be found.

When Aerie awoke, she was not herself. Her arms no longer had feathers, and her hands had long, unclawed fingers.

As she started to panic, her eyes looked up and found one of the most beautiful creatures she’d ever laid eyes on.

“You’ll be ok. I had to work a lot of magic, and there’s been a lot of changes. But you’ll be ok Sister.”

Dusk smiled and sat on the bed beside the other elf. A stormcrow perched on a branch beside the bed, seeming to sleep.

Aerie furrowed her long blue brows and looked at the stranger.

“Sister?…” Her words stuck as her usual voice had been tempered and now sounded polished and not scratchy.

The other elf nodded.

“Yes. You were extremely injured and you will have some memory loss, but you’ll be ok now.”

Dusk smiled, but it didn’t reach her eyes. What she couldn’t tell Aerie was that she had to separate her emerald spirit from her body in order to heal her. The bird portion of her had been too wounded and was going to hurt her mind if it wasn’t let free. So she did. 

Dusk’s eyes looked to the Stormcrow for a split second. Aerie had wielded lightning type powers as a Harpy, but those and the bird spirit were now residing in a crow that volunteered to help Dusk.

Soon Aerie was back on her feet, Dusk was staying there a bit as the Talon Den wasn’t far away. The Flightmaster there “adopted” her and began training her in how to handle hippogryphs and even train them. Because of this and having a constant companion from her Stormcrow, Aerieadne decided to become a hunter. Not knowing her last name, she decided on Aerieadne Stormfury.

Unable to shift back into a Harpy, Dusk and Riven now have to find others willing to help them form their tribe, though once Aerie finally remembers, she sticks with her sisters and helps them establish it once they do.

(ignore the Valruun name, that was a WIP when I was fleshing her out xD)