“Let it fade to black
Let me run my fingers down your back
Let’s whisper, let’s don’t talk
Baby, leave my t-shirt in the hall
Like a needle finds a groove
Baby, we’ll remember what to do
To drown out every distraction
It’s time we made it happen
Strip it down, strip it down“



I’ve been having a hard ass time with life this week, I’ve been horribly burnt out and depressed, and just dealing with a lot mentally/emotionally.

I’ve really been wanting to draw more of my elfself with Silgryn to make myself feel a little better but I struggle heavily with feeling like I don’t deserve to feel loved, especially not by someone I hold so dearly.

Silgryn’s just some random npc to a lot of people but he really means so much more to me. I’d prefer not to give a detailed explanation, but there’s a lot behind it. Sometimes you just need something to keep living for, when you have nothing else. Even if it’s small.

I was listening to a song I used to play on repeat a lot, and the inspiration for this hit me like a brick.

I can’t really explain what all goes on in my head, but occasionally, I can show you guys.

I need sleep now, because I have a long day of commissions ahead of me, but yeah.

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