more guild shenanigans, feat @radikatt @tuskboy @koltiradw @lady-sylvanass @eiyr and @zanahlaji

^^^ This is why I hate my server.

PS: Did you know Cities are IC on RP servers? If you’re OOC without brackets, technically, you’re breaking the rules. AND more importantly, everyone’s immersion (because let’s be real, sadly, since when does blizz enforce that kind of rule)..

And the latter, is what pisses me off. I go to SMC to RP and see people emote at each other, to be in another world. Not to watch them act like 12 years old whom might have been dropped on their head too many times as babies.

And yet, I’m met with these kind of scenes at least once a night, 5 out of 7 nights a week.It’s deplorable behavior.


PS: Did you know that you can /ignore people that you don’t want to interact with. And that this goes for tumblr dot com as well?