both conceptually and in practice moira is so fucking funny. her entire everything just screams “this glam metal butch scientist has never experienced shame, self-doubt, regret, or any other emotion linked to self-preservation or common sense”

#and yet people keep giving her money just to fucking see what she’ll do next#although to be fair if I had a lot of money to burn I’d probably do it to#fuck now I’m just imagining Moira like crowdfunding her work#A GoFundMe to give a rabbit ghost powers#a Kickstarter with reward tiers like ’$30 and a tissue sample and I’ll send you a serum’#‘no you don’t get to know what the serum does and neither will I until you fill out the included report form and mail it back to me’#Moira O’Deorain is Creating Anomalies on Patreon

#moira: i’m hosting a kickstarter to turn my coworker into a nanobot abomination