Commissions are finally Reopened.

As I did announce last week as the days go by I will be adding new samples and updating my commission menu with i since last week I was just wrapping up things from last month. (I may have also lost my commission master file so I need to remake this when i have new samples!)

What I’m willing to Illustrate:

  • Original Characters
  • Fan Characters
  • Couples (From any spectrum. I’m an LGBT friendly.)
  • Anthro/Furries
  • Monster Boy/Girls/Anything in between.
  • Original species
  • Anime Characters
  • Game Characters

What I’m not willing to Illustrate:

  • NSFW: Sexual or Fetish type (Sexy characters are okay but beyond that-Sorry!)
  • Anything like a Gundam/Transformer (Sadly weak with robots)

Contact: Use any of these methods to contact me

PM’s on my Art Tumblr

Notes on my DA

Email me at taurusrc@yahoo.com

Just make sure you have “Commission” in the subject box so I don’t think it’s spam in my email.

Creative process:

  1. We’ll be doing a proofing stage before the final product is made.
  2. I’ll give you the sketch draft for
    review. Edits are allowed
  3. Once approved we’ll move on to illustrating.
  4. Once
    the illustration is complete I will contact you for a final review.
  5. If
    everything is approved; I will provide you with a HQ-PNG/watermarked
    final illustration and ask if I can post the finished product in my

PayPal Invoices Only!

Once we chat over the details of the commission and price, I’ll be sending an invoice. I will be payed first before doing anything.

Copyright & Use:

commissions will serve non-commercial purposes. You can not print and
resell the artworks as physical/Digital merchandise or claim it as your


Will have 6 slots opened at a time. 1 Slot for Patrons and 5 slots for public. I’ll open slots once currant orders are filled.

  • 1) -Patreon Slot-
  • 2)
  • 3)
  • 4)
  • 5)
  • 6)

Reblogs and signal boost are
appreciated. Thank you!