for those who dont get it missing e was like the proto-xkit, a browser extension from the early 2010s designed to improve tumblr cause believe it or not this website used to be a lot fucking worse technically

but the thing about it was that tumblr absolutely DESPISED missing e, like i cannot overstate how livid they were at the time that someone was better at designing their website than they were. they started having these popups appear saying that missing e was like, a virus or some shit and it was malevolent and that the act of having missing e installed meant you weren’t allowed to receive support from tumblr staff.

like forget whatever happened with the original xkit guy, tumblr, as in the website, the staff behind the website itself, ACTIVELY ran missing e’s creator off the website because he was doing a better job of making their site than they were

this was what you used to get popping up if you were using missing e. all of this shit was a complete lie. additionally it was only meant to pop up if you were using missing e, but there were like 100s of instances of this appearing for people who had never even heard of missing e, and i know personally that i ticked the box several times and it KEPT popping up regardless

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