“lol Android users be like-” your phone is designed to break down after a year, your apps are all programmed to draw unnecessary power after 2 years, all your accessories and hardware are arbitrarily made with only 1 kind of plug in mind so you can’t use them with anything else or get them from anywhere else, the cables are 150$ and break in a year, your phones will not charge if there is lint in the port, the stores will ask you for 150$ to remove that lint, the phone itself is 900$

But your chat bubbles are blue so that balances it out right

they literally removed the audio plugin and called it a benefit that it can now only work with their arbitrary wireless headphones. They coloured the phones a pinky gold and sold it for twice as much.

This isn’t a drag against you this is a drag against apple, the company. Their products are price hiked to an insane, impossible degree. They aren’t selling you the product, they are selling you the superiority of being able to smugly say you have an iphone. 

They deliberately built up a culture of apple supremacy (especially as a class barrier but i aint even gonna go into that), and now people are making posts like “lmao android users have a bad camera” (they dont) or “lmao android users send bad snapchats” (the android version of snap is deliberately coded to force lower resolution images in order to, surprise, get people saying that exact thing to further encourage #iphoneculture)

Buy an iphone if you want lord knows I’ve bought frivolouss things but can you PLEASE recognize youre being deceived??? theyre playing you every single time you make a post about your iphone and buy into their culture to squeeze more and more money out of you and divide the market and inevitably the classes. 

God there is such a terrible smug aura to this post.

“youre being squeezed for every penny because of a corporate culture of brand superiority”

“wow this person is so smug and pretentious”

I was gonna say this isnt an attack against you, personally, it’s an awareness post fueled by annoyance but actually no it is an attack against you, as a person. Do you enjoy the taste and feeling of steve jobs’ necro-cum slithering down your gullet????? do you love to let people know that you bought a 20,000$ phone and then you go and drop it from 2 feet off a table and it shatters into a billion pieces???? stop taking things personally, open yer damn eyes, buy an android

op’s saying the real shit