I didn’t know when this would happen, but I’ve been waiting to have this for ages. I’ve been watching the count go up slowly, and then today it EXPLODED, and I couldn’t even get a screenshot of the 200 count, because so many new followers joined us!!

I’m beyond happy, and flattered that so many people like my stuff enough to have it thrown directly into their dashboard. All I can say, is thank you, folks. 

So here I am, doing a give-away. This giveaway is going to last a full month– that way, we have a chance to reach the second goal, and I have time to finish a lot of my commissions so that I can devote the time I want to the prizes! <3 

That being said, if you’ve followed me for awhile, you probably know I have a Patreon. What you may not know, is each month there are raffles over there! So, if you want to support me, and also have a chance at a cheap piece of art, and to participate in the monthly poll check that out! 

If not, don’t worry about it at all. Seriously, I’m just overwhelmed with happiness that you guys follow me, and that’s enough. ( Though I do like to buy things, and I kind of want to upgrade my tablet in the future, so every patron/commission counts! )

Also, for reference, only reblogs count. 

Giveaway ends on: April 27th, 2018