To order a commission, email me at: Zealouslynx@gmail.com

In your email, please include ‘Commission’ in the title!

If you’re not interested in a commission at the moment, but you want to give your support, here’s a few links you may want to look at!

Ko-fi – I usually have myself a drink of some sorts while I’m working!
Patreon – Like most artists, this is a way for me to give exclusive content to the folks that really want it! Polls, progress pieces, and exclusive give-aways can be found here!

If that’s something you can’t do, PLEASE reblog. That is the most helpful thing anyone can do! <3

All of my prices are estimates, as they will vary below or above depending on the complexity of the subject being drawn– meaning, if your character is armored you may be spoken to about an armor charge. Each additional character is 75% of the first, as far as price goes. Please allow considerable time for more complex subjects/more characters. Background charges are based on the complexity of what you’re asking for. I can do simple screenshot backgrounds, and complicated backgrounds.

I will do NSFW now, talk to me about it!

All of my pieces are done on a queue, and you can always find that queue here.

What I won’t do:
– NSFW involving children
– Excessive gore