Listen. I’m gonna level with you. I’m gonna be straight with you. I’m gonna be up front about this.

I already don’t know what Overwatch is. There’s a gorilla and some lesbians and guns but yall never play the gorilla I don’t know. And then sometimes if that wasn’t bad enough sometimes you go and just invent new Overwatches. Like just when I’m getting a handle on what “Junkrat kin discourse” is yall show up with “This is my new OC her name is Grandma Sniper” and then SHE’S part of the Overwatchers. “This is Swedish Beefcake” could yall? not?? I still don’t know what a Hanzo is. I know it’s an insult but I don’t know what it means.

“This is my new doctor OC she hangs out with Angela Mercy her name is Moriarty” yall are just making things up now. no one’s explained the gorilla yet. put the doctor away yall already have like a fucking half angel or something. stop just adding characters to the cast i still dont know what the plot is. whats the plot?? no one ever talks about the plot i just know Soldier 69 and his best friend Anakin Skywalker had a fight about something. is there a plot??? i dont think there is!

I’m pretty sure yall are just playing Super Smash Bros and you’re like “yeah uh huh theres a plot theres lore see Grandma Sniper used to be part of Overwatch the Prequel” but then yall just play 10,000 hours of SSB with 18 Grandma Snipers on the field and two Junkrats going “yeah deep lore”

Whos. Whos even the Turgbjorn guy? What did he do??