Emergency commissions!


My computer is

quite literally on it’s last legs (I’m having to painstakingly  copy+paste certain letters typing this

so I’ll do my best to keep this

short :’) )

The top half of it has been falling off off for a while now, I have been trying to prolong its life with duct tape, but now its begun to affect my keyboard too. My alt modifier no longer works, nor do my esc, volume up, 4, 6, s, and q buttons.

I just got out of a horrendous living

situation, and I have no job (I’ve had 

several interviews, but my 2 years of being unemployed and on and off homeless have made it very difficult to get accepted.)

My computer is my only 

source of income, and I really need to replace it. It makes more

sense to upgrade to a better one that functions for all the things I use it for that will last longer and has better hinges that won’t 

strip out within the first 5 months of owning it – way to go on that one, Toshiba. -_-)

There’s a really great computer I’ve been looking at at the Navy Exchange that’s only $1000, and it fits all the

specs I need.

I’m gonna be 100% open for commissions from here on out until I can afford it.

Please boost this if you can, it would really help me.

My prices are here:


some examples of my work:

Thank you 

so much for taking the time to read this.

Please email if you’re interested in buying


Or, alternatively, if you’d like to donate, my paypal is

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