the “___ change my mind” guy sitting at a desk is Steven Crowder who is literally a deep conservative “comedian” and the biggest transphobe of 2018 so can we NOT use that meme anymore thanks. he literally calls trans people tr**** in some of his videos and refers to caitlyn jenner (I may not like her but Christ) as a transgender f@scist because she transitioned and refers to her transitioning as “going full #sjw.” this meme is cancelled and not funny. use google if you don’t believe me. bye

yeah actually i did some research (googling. i googled) and this is what the the original image was: (as opposed to what i first saw it as and what other might have, and had assumed that was the real one) 

he does stuff like that a lot; 

so yeah Yikes. 

Shit, I just looked him up as well.

YIKES, meme cancelled.

FYI. Don’t reblog or make any more memes from this guy. Fucking creep.

Don’t cancel this meme. The fact that people were using this meme and had no idea who Steven Crowder was nor had the intention of learning about him is a good thing.

Meme uncanceled. Change my mind.

Still using the meme. Change my mind.

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