Do you like WoW? Do you like Dragons? How about Dragons in WoW? Well there is a Discord now for you! Scalebound! Come and chat, make friends, and have fun with other Dragon RPers in WoW and/or those who RP alongside them! Come and join us over at Scalebound! Put an end to hiding and fly free among your brothers and sisters.

To explain, it was brought up in the Wyrmrest Discord that there was really no place for Dragon folk to hang out together, and discuss dragon stuff.

This discord is for more than Dragon RPers of course, it’s for folks who just support Dragon RPers, and wouldn’t mind RPing with those types/hanging out with those types!

As with any discord, if you join and happen to be a butt, we won’t hesitate to kick you. It’s a bully-free zone, meant for fun and discussion!

Come, join us in flight.

Please reblog for awareness, we don’t want to leave our scale friends out there alone!