I’m finally offering more options again for commissions! I haven’t been working during the spring as much as I used to, so any finances I can get will definitely help me keep up with bills, loans, and the upcoming semester. _(:3」∠)_


Chibi commissions – $25 USD, + $15 per extra
Bust commissions – $35 USD, +$20 extra, +$10 armor difficulty
Expression sheets – $75 USD, +$20 per extra

I will not do not safe for work/implied work. I will draw original and canon characters, any fandom, etc. I can do anthro characters, would probably prefer not to do mecha.

Email me at lzugeldergraphics@gmail.com with inquiries, and visual references!! I’ll be taking five slots at a time!! 

Thank you so much for considering/boosting me. ;u;