Commissions are Open

It’s been a long time comming, and for that once again, my apologies. Commissions will be done the same way as I have last few times, I’ll be accepting submissions via email and I will let you know via email if I’ve picked your submission!

In advance I want to say that due to perhaps unexpected things happening, commissions might take a while but I will promise it will be finished.

I will only be accepting THREE commissions this batch for starters, once I have my schedule sorted I might be re-opening them again at a sooner date.


More info:

  • All submissions are done via my e-mail
  • Payments are done via Paypal and are in Euros!
  • Please include as many refrences as your able, descriptions to faceclaims anything you can gather is helpful.
  • Please include your Tumblr and/or Twitter in your email so I can link to your page afterwards (and I know how to find you).
  • Please read my Terms of Service to see what I will and will not be drawing/accepting for commissions. Submissions that do not follow my ToS will not be accepted.
  • I DO NOT do reservations of any kind, once submisions are closed I will not be taking new ones until next batch!
  • I try to complete commissions as soon as I’m able, you can check the progress of your picture in the Commission Queue linked HERE.
  • Simple questions can be done via Tumblr for quick replies but it’s preferable to send information via e-mail so I can check it later.

For any more questions please ask, besides that, thanks for your interest!


I’ll be accepting submissions until Friday the 9th of March 9 PM CET.

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