The past year has been a very rough one, those who followed me for a while will probably have noticed. Rambling messages and the lack of art in all forms.. yet so many of you stayed, I’ve gotten so many kind words and besides that, new people have joined.

I truly cannot  thank you guys enough, I’m extremely humbled by all the support you guys have shown me not only for my art, but for me as a person as well.

Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


  • NEED to be following me
  • REBLOGS only (Multiple reblogs are a-okay!)
  • No Giveaway blogs please


  • 1st Place: Full colored Full-Body picture of a character of your liking
  • 2nd Place: Full colored Bust picture of a character of your liking


  • Character of your liking being an OC of sorts, I do not do Canon/Fanart.
  • Please take my ToS in consideration to see what I will and wont do! For any more questions ofcourse feel free to ask~
  • The winners will be randomly selected by running the list through, I’ll message the winner privately via ask and the messaging system.
  • I’ll give the winners 24 hours to reply otherwise I will move onto the next person, so keep your eyes open!

Giveaway will end on March, Sunday 11th at 9 PM CET.
You can check the countdown HERE.

Thank you guys so much once more, thanks for all the support.