So I still have the give-away pics to do and the like, but I just paid rent and am in need of cash :””D

So I’m doing a flash $10 commission sale! I’m opening just ten slots for now to see how things go, and if things go well then I may open things like this in the future! 

You’ll get a somewhat sketchy headshot with minimal shading on it like this – 

If you’re interested, send me an IM with this form filled out-

Username: (so i can keep track of you)

Character ref: (link to visual ref here)

Expression: (happy, sad, ect)

A warning that more detailed characters could be more expensive!

And once I’ve given you the go I’ll send you a payment link (with paypal) and get started as soon as I can!

You can keep track of how things are going on my Trello here <3

But aye, pls signal boost/snag a slot of you can ;v;/

3 slots left!!!