Nehm pulls on the poorly crafted and even worse-styled wig, flipping some of the faux locks away from his shoulder. “HMMMM my name is Anathemas is translate t– to DISASTER and INSANE IDEAS,” he chimes, bobbling his head in a mockery of a prideful nod. “If the floor were arcane I’d be, I’d be licking it. I have the arrogance of a dragon aspect but the self love of a kobold SOMEONE LOVE ME FOR ME I CAN’T, CAN’T DO IT MYSELF.”

Dramatically flops onto the floor.

“… You’d better do one just as mean, because I fee– feel bad, now.”


“And yet…

 you think I’m goorgeous,

You want to huuug me,

You want to looove me…

You want to daaaate me…”