I’m completely re-opening commissions starting from Thursday, February 1st, at 12pm NZST 

If you have questions or concerns regarding commission information please message me or click here for more details. My terms and conditions are also listed on that page so I encourage you to at least glance over that section in particular.

Commissions will be picked based on interest and turnover time but for the most part, it’s first-come-first-served. I don’t currently have a limit on slots since I don’t expect to receive many inquiries but this has the potential to change.

Please do not message me on tumblr for commission slots, only for asks/questions and send your commission information to my email :

The information provided within your email inquiry should include the following details:

– Which commission option(s) you require

– Any and all details relating to the character that you wish to share. This includes any references that you may have on hand (pictures, sketches, descriptions). A bare minimum of at least a short description will be mandatory and the artist should be granted access to more information if they request

You should also feel encouraged to include any further comments or questions regarding either the commission process or the desired end result. You are being provided a service and you should be able to feel as comfortable as possible with said service.

Payments will only be accepted via Paypal unless otherwise negotiated.


Bust: $15.00 USD

Thigh-up: $30.00 USD

Full Body: $45.00 USD