I snagged a commission from @merwild of my WoW OC, Vy’thanis Felbane. A young Netherwing dragon masquerading as a blood elf mage, he’s one of my warmest and friendliest characters. He wants the world to be a nice place, but just because he’s nice doesn’t mean he’s toothless. From the lovely bump in his nose to the prettiest pearl I’ve ever seen painted to the beautifully understated clothing detail, I am utterly thrilled by every bit!

This piece adds to the small collection of art that I’m building, including Vyth’s roommate Zayneth Shadowspite, and Zay’s sister, Tziska Shadowspite.

It has been one of my greatest pleasures to be able to not only shower @merwild with my money, but to introduce friends to their work and watch them get beautiful commissions as well. Their art just fills me with joy, and the things they draw for Final Fantasy and illustrations of book characters just make me want to experience those fandoms myself. Thank you so much, and I look forward to the next time you open commissions!