Commissions are open!

Please take a look at my info page for pricing: HERE!
(Now in a tumblr post so mobile users can view it!)
If you’re already familiar with that here’s a quick link to my form.

There’s Digimon-specific pricing as well, since the lower stages/human characters are much simpler to draw. I haven’t forgotten you guys 🙂

(Reblogs of this post are much loved <3)

Am running a sale for this batch 😀 (Possibly also the next one if I finish early enough). Normally additional characters are the same cost over again, but this time around they’ll be at ¾ the price!

As said in the pic, if one is a detailed character and the other is not, the basic character will get the discount.

It doesn’t have to be a coupley pose! If you just want two characters bein’ totally platonic that’s cool too. It does have to be one image though, not two separate drawings of one character each.

Also if you’re just here for a regular one-character piece this round, that’s fine too 🙂

I’ll be keeping the form open for 24h or 10 slots, whichever comes first!