I saw some stupid ass discourse about whether or not your s/o proposing to you with a 25-50 dollar ring is “right” or not or w/e and I’m gonna be real: this is literally a straight people thing bc legit all the comments on their were straight ladies being like “well if my man doesn’t get me a 5000 dollar 30 carat ring with x amount of stones etc. he doesn’t value our relationship and I’m not gonna marry him”

Meanwhile I’m p sure every gay person I know could get proposed to with a damn ring pop and would be over the damn moon.

The funniest thing though is that the original post was a photo of an ad for the ring, with a video being like “you shouldn’t value material possessions like a ring more than your whole relationship” so like they just completely ignored the entire video to post some dumb straight bullshit lol

Like yes, obviously having someone propose with a pretty looking ring is nice or whatever, but really no one should be breaking their entire bank account to buy it to show you how much they care. They should do that by BEING A GOOD PARTNER AND DOING NICE THINGS FOR YOU WHENEVER THEY CAN!!!!

If your partner loves and cares about you they should be able to show that even the tiniest things like bringing your favorite ice cream home when you’re having a bad day, or remembering your coffee order, texting you good morning every day, whatever, they shouldn’t really even need to “prove” they love you it should already show yknow?

Not to mention the idea of buying super expensive engagement rings was invented by the De Beers diamond corporation in the 1930s to sell more rings during the Great Depression (source)

You can’t prove love with material items, you can only demonstrate through mutual respect, communication, and commitment. Its so much better to have a partner with those qualities and a 5 dollar ring from Claire’s than someone with none of those and a 3 karat ring

I literally proposed with a ring pop and he seemed p excited so I’m gonna hold off on blowing that 5k for, idk, an intelligent investment for our future?

I’d get 100% more use out of a ring pop than a diamond that doesn’t have any sort of flavor anyway.