See..what if! half elven disguise~  


Anduin looked up from the stack of papers. Wrathion was posing with his hands on his hips, nose in the air as he looked over one shoulder with a smug grin. Anduin looked back down at the papers. “What is it now?”

“What do you mean, ‘what is it now’?” the dragon demanded. “You didn’t even look!”

“I looked,” Anduin said, pursing his lips at the report about “wasted resources” in Dalaran.

“And?” Wrathion asked, stretching the word out in eagerness.

“I saw a dragon posing like a heroic memorial statue.” Anduin flipped to the next sheet. “Or maybe one of those ‘action figure’ dolls.” He frowned thoughtfully. “I think I have one now too. That’s…. really weird.“ He shrugged and went back to his work.

“Ugh! You mortals are always missing the important details.”

“We mortals have work to do. And you’re mortal now too, remember. Tiny fight with a giant dragon halfway to becoming an old god. Was just a small detail. You probably missed it.”

Wrathion leveled a flat look at Anduin. “Ha. Ha. What are you reading that is far more important than the disguise I worked so hard on.” He crossed his arms and sneered at the offending report.

“Inexplicably large amounts of burned food.” Anduin frowned at the sheet. “Accusations that specific cooks are actually members of the Burning Legion and some dispute as to the veracity of the claims.” Anduin looked up from the report. “You’re disguised as yourself?”

Wrathion’s arms dropped to his sides. “Ah, I am clearly a half-elf.” He did the pose again and looked over his shoulder so Anduin could see the pointed ears.

“That’s… not really how disguises… work.”