-husbando gets banned from an FB page for sourcing artist’s work.
-did not receive any warnings or indication telling him not to. Just instabanned (and I reiterate, for posting a link in the comments of uncredited artwork leading to the artists.)
-I message the mod’s page since he cannot.
-he proceeds to insult me, attempts to change the topic, and insults artists who post online in general
-says that I nagged my husband into doing this and now he’s banned because he doesn’t like the drama that goes with sourcing artwork
-says that it’s artists fault that he uses work without crediting it because they didn’t protect it well enough.

All the while I attempt to be as polite as humanly fucking possible. 

Anyway, I’m absolutely furious.

(Also don’t worry. SO doesn’t care about rejoining the group anymore.)

EDIT: Please don’t go storming to this guy’s page saying I sent you. I linked his business page (not personal) so you know who not to support. 

I’ve blocked him, but y’all need to chill, guys.

He knows if he starts doing this, and you catch wind of it, you can start filing takedown notices right?