the GREATEST mistake in Cataclysm was not giving us this Deathwing in-game and just in short stories:

“The titans gave you a purpose,” Thrall retorted. His connection with Hyjal was more distant than ever. He sensed that the soil he held in his physical hand leagues away was running through his fingers.

“There is no purpose to what they do.” Deathwing stomped toward Thrall, each step thundering through the chamber. “Azeroth was an experiment to the titans. A plaything. When they were done, they turned their backs on us all, indifferent to the broken world that they left behind.”

“It is broken because of what you have done, because you forsook your gift!” Thrall roared.

“It is not a gift!” Deathwing’s body quaked with rage.

Thrall noted that his words were having an effect. He continued goading the Aspect, hoping that he would reveal some kind of weakness. “The gift you did not have the strength to bear. The gift—”

“Silence!” Deathwing commanded. “If you insist on calling it a gift, so be it. Know then what it is to be me, to be given this gracious gift… to feel the fiery heart of this world as your own.”

Pain flared deep within Thrall’s earthen chest. The ceaseless flames that blazed in Azeroth’s core churned inside his spirit. His stone skin hissed and steamed, glowing a dark and angry red.

“Know what it is to feel the weight of this dying world on your shoulders.”