me: there is no such thing as an ugly art style..let ppl draw how they want

yall, testing me:

I hope someone knows what I’m talking about, but this reminds me of that one drawing of blond dude with the big hands and snatched waist.


oh babey its the same artist

hey, look yall, as an artist this kindof mass treatment of a person’s style is not okay. like at all.

this person is insanely transphobic (second pic is of trans capt america), but bash them for that, not the art style.

you don’t like an art style, cool. but 1) art is a taste thing, 2) everyone has different tastes. and 3) the amount of vitriol just for this person’s art, not their bigotry, but their art, is unreasonable, narrow-minded, and frightening.  

it’s not your art, not your art style. call rory out for their transphobic attitude. Not the art. For every art style you tear apart, their is an artist who becomes that much more anxious to put their work up to yall’s standards

you don’t like the style then you aren’t the audience – quit shark-tanking random artists who didn’t ask for this treatment.

if people get hurt by other people tearing apart someone who deserves it they need to grow a spine

their fetishization is bad, their racism is bad, their attitude is bad, and their art style is bad because their ART STYLE is very clearly connected to the FETISH/RACIST ART. they need to learn to not draw black people like fish sambo and and trans people as bimbos/apes and their art style heavily depends on these caricatures

also people can call their art ugly because, like you said, art taste is a thing and this isnt their taste. negative opinions are still opinions & can be voiced.

people who draw like them/are worried about being bashed will find their audience and its just not in these people. then again, if they dont realize the main reason people are even dragging the style is because they make bad art in that style they need to wait until they can think critically before they come online lol