What is bassball?

A fast-paced 3v3 form of PvP where your objective is to outmaneuver and control your opponents, not slay them. It’s a chaotic team-based battle to field a goal into your opponent’s net – using a fish.

It debuted at the Bonfire Bash, but was patented by an opportunistic goblin to be 170% more fun and make 300% more profit!


A character of level 110, and good sportsmanship. That’s all!

For pre-made teams, the majority of your party must be from Wyrmrest Accord for realm hopping. Feel free to make uniforms, come up with a team name, and bring your A-game!

Can’t compete? Put on your cheer gear and root for your favorite team! (Or the one you bet on.)

Message yung-rage on tumblr or add ragewang#11166 in-game for more information

Hey everybody! There is now also a forum post where you can ask questions and show your support with bumps :3c

This is this weekend, you guys!!