Hi guys, after a while of personal stuff and rework on a few things, I’m re-opening for commission. Price are always subject to change with the complexity of the character (armor, limbs…) or some very specific demand. All payment are done with Paypal/Invoice, no exception. I only accept visual reference as a guideline, no block of text or vague description. Do not hesitate to msg if you have more questions.

Will do: 

Original/Fan characters, anthros/humanoid, creature and light nsf/w.

Will not: Vehicles, complex backgrounds, building, unsanitary fetish and anything that prompt to hate. 


  • Direct Message to art blog
  • Email at myouellet@hotmail.fr
  • Add me on discord Volentis#8181

If you cannot commission, please, do help by reblogging this post! Thank you for your attention and time :]