Okami/Hanzo AU.

So after ‘killing’ Genji, Hanzo immediately begins to rebel against the Shimada elders, who retaliate harshly. The rip away Hanzo’s dragons from his body, causing the youth immense pain both spiritually and physically. 

With sheer skill and luck, Hanzo manages to escape the clan before they can kill him and escapes into the wildness. There the young man meets two giant wolves spirits named Shiro and Tsume. They offer a choice to Hanzo, fight them and gain their power, or surrender and die.

Despite the agony he’s in, Hanzo fights, and becomes the master to the two wolves. For years he lives in the wildness, becoming more animal than man as he survives in the harsh lands. The people in the surrounding villages call him Okami, wolf god, and fear him immensely. 

However Overwatch encounters Hanzo during one of their missions, and things get…complicated.