I’ve been thinking about elf stuff and lore all day, and I have a question for you! Do you guys feel a bit weird that another pretty, magical-city-dwelling, mana-troubled elf is joining your faction (who may be better at magic? I dunno?) Since, that’s kind of the awesome edgy story YOU have already. 

OR are you just really really excited about having them as friends and possibly your character/race learning ancient stuff from them? Since the blood elves have done a lot to find and revive that kind of stuff.

It’s been a long time since I’ve played one, a belf mage was my first character. So I don’t really feel anything about that.

I’m curious! 😀

I guess I should have rephrased this, it’s not a question about whether they should be on the Horde or not, I’m more curious about your character’s relationship to/with them and your opinions as a player. 

I think it’s really cool to have the Nightborne join us! Our city will be lively with citizens and the new addition of the Nightborne mingling and chatting and exchanging knowledge.

My belf characters struggled a lot with their addictions after the Sunwell fell, my paladin actually nearly becoming a wretched as time got worse, and after spending time on the Broken Isles and seeing the state of the Nightborne and the Nightfallen really tugs at them. They can relate and empathize, and there’s no way they would pass up the opportunity to save those from the suffering they were all too familiar with. Especially since the Night Elves seemed unwilling to help.

They would make a wonderful asset, and I’m excited to see how the Blood Elves and Nightborne interact. I welcome them with open arms ;u;

I didn’t even think about them hanging around in Silvermoon! That would be very VERY cool to see. Maybe one day Silvermoon could even have the other side repaired. It’s been long enough!

As for the night elf part, see that’s the part of the story that frustrates me. It’s Tyrande that has beef with them, and I don’t agree with her (even though I understand her feelings). My character wasn’t alive during the Sundering and has nothing against them. You work so hard to help them, and you befriend them. Basically, I’m sad I’ll have to kill them in BGs lol. I don’t wanna hurt my nightborne friends <3 But, its is what it is! :’(

Im interested in the shared struggle, especially since it was assumed that the Nightborne would be Alliance at first…Im hoping maybe we’ll get a nice ethereal Nightborne section in the “ruined” side of Silvermoon. (with some of the gorgeous plants there too). We did a lot to help Thalyssra and the others, I’d like it if they came with us to Silvermoon to share their magical tricks with us. Maybe the guy giving the guide can change to showing around new Nightborne instead of Horde envoys?

I’ve really enjoyed helping fix the arc’andor, and I wonder if maybe its fruit will be imported to Silvermoon as a way of dealing with wretched who are suffering without the Sunwell. Maybe we’ll finally get a transmogrifier there too.

I will say though, as someone who plays both sides I’m disappointed in the Night Elven attitude towards the Nightfallen. These were once your people, it feels like you’re betraying them the same way Blood Elves were betrayed by Kael’Thas. (Maybe its just me? Every leader seems to have erased whatever compassion and sense of right lately…)

Importing the arc’andor to Silvermoon or making a new one or something would be AWESOME! That would be so pretty there. And make sense, of course. 

I agree with you, between me and you, I don’t like Tyrande (that much) and I don’t particularly care for that whole section of lore. PUH! Apparently there’s speculation that some of the void elves will be ex-blood elves, kicked out by their own people. That’s…strange for them, to me, they KNOW what that feels like. If that’s true, it’ll be interesting to see. I’m sure just like the nightelves with the nightborne, not all of the blood elves will agree with that decision to cut ties.

Elves are complicated, can they just get along already? We’re all beautiful! *cries*

Also, thank you guys for putting up with my spam! I love talking about this, thank you for all your cool perspectives!! 😀 

From what’s been data mined that seems to be the case! Not to get too spoilery but the void elves were blood elves that tried to harness the power of the void, and after some nonsense with research from Dar’khan Drathir, and a pretty big incident with Alleria at the Sunwell were exiled from Quel’thalas.