My favorite number is here, 555 😀 so here is an art raffle! Only reblogs count as an entry, not likes, but reblog as many times as you want. (Just don’t spam your followers, don’t be that guy.) here’s some bullet point info for u:

• This one might be a shocker, but to win you’ve gotta be following me. Unheard of, I know. New followers are welcome!

• There will be one winner, for a full color half body piece like above, who will be randomly selected. No giveaway blogs, though.

• Please have your messages open!! I’ll contact you that way, and ask that you email me from there with your request. If I don’t hear back in 24 hours, I’ll pick another winner.

• You can request whatever you want; fanart, OC, furry, your grandma, your RO blacksmith from 8 years ago, no limits. 

• The cutoff will be January 4th; I’ll contact you then and should have it finished just a few days after that.

That’s it! Thanks for the support, and good luck! <3