Headshot Commissions

$30/Full Color/Full Shading/Colored Line Work

So I had to miss a lot of work last week, and between Abe going to the vet and my own medical expenses this last month I am in need of some money. If you’ve been following me for a while you may have noticed I don’t open up commissions very often so if you’ve been wanting art from me, now is a good time to snag something. That being said, here we go!


Please Read this Next Bit Before You Contact Me

Please email me at mudsmcgee@gmail if you are interested. DO send me a brief line or two about what you want drawn. Do not send refs or payment until I confirm your slot. Payment will be up front via Paypal invoice that will be sent out within a day or so of me confirming said slot. I do work full time, and so I’m only taking on four this round, with the goal of having all of them done within a month if not sooner. 

While I have a preference for World of Warcraft, Fallout, and Wildstar characters, I will accept characters from any fandom. I will not do canon characters or super intricate shoulder armor. You must be able to provide me with visual reference of your character in some form – whether that is art, screenshots or ‘faceclaims’, but the first two are strongly preferred. 

I will send you a sketch for approval before I move on to lines and color. This is your opportunity to request any major changes. Once the image is colored, I will only be able to make minor tweaks. 

Boosting is appreciated. Thanks everyone! 



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