In honor of the holiday seasons approaching, I’m slashing my commission prices to be $5 OFF EVERYTHING and EVERYONE—including your OCs, PCs, Wardens, Inquisitors, Warcraft Characters, etc—-from NOW to January 1st!

It’s a great way to send a personal gift to your internet friends—and you save on shipping! OR get something for yourself! It’s been a rough year—YOU DESERVE IT! Plus, I can use the money to help pay bills and buy gifts for my friends and family in return! 

Sign up for a commission here (Google Docs),  send an ask/direct message me through tumblr, or email me incoginigo@gmail.com for more information!  

AND to help get into the spirit of gift giving, I’m going to be giving away TWO FREE COMMISSIONS

1 TUMBLR WINNER will be announced on          November 19th


1 TUMBLR WINNER will be announced on          December 20th


  1. REBLOG this post (Likes DO NOT count as an entry)
  2. YOU DON’T have to be following me, BUT followers will get their name added again for a second chance to win!

And that’s it! I’m also hosting a separate GIVEAWAY on my TWITTER, so you will actually have four different chances to win if you enter there!

If you want to see more of my art/examples visit: https://silentwoodwind.wixsite.com/incoginigo/gallery

Thanks for your support and I hope you and your loved ones have a very happy holiday season!