I ranted about this in my guild discord but fuck it I’ll rant here too: the faction war is the most boring part of WoW. I am so tired of Horde vs Alliance. It’s bullshit. Literally no reason to keep fighting beyond some interpersonal issues between racial leaders. Every issue, and I mean EVERY issue, the horde and alliance have with each other can be EASILY solved without violence at this point.

The orcs are clear cutting Ashenvale. Night Elves can get lumber from trees without cutting them down using wisps. Fuckin trade something for it jesus christ. Everyone’s happy. There’s no reason to fight over it outside “orcs are assholes.”

In Ashran we are literally FUCKING SKINNING EACH OTHER. For what? Ohhh a titan artifact, I hear you say. Lemme ask you this: what the fuck does that thing even DO? Do you know? I sure as shit don’t know. No one fucking knows! But goddamn are we gonna commit some war crimes to get it.

Alliance sinks a goblin ship. “No witnesses”. WHY. WHY ARE YOU SO GODDAMN STUPID. 

Why would tauren hate draenei? Why would gnomes despise trolls? Cuz they’re on the other side, of course.

Every xpac blizzard has to come up with some bullshit reason to keep this war going and it drags the writing so far down because motivations are so muddled and convoluted it just doesn’t make sense. Look at Legion. What’s driving the conflict now? Alliance believes the horde got Varian killed because witnesses saw them pull back at the Broken Shore. But the horde didn’t get Varian killed, they were being overrun. They HAD to pull back. I know that. You know that. Alliance doesn’t know that. Why? BECAUSE SYLVANAS FOR SOME REASON WON’T JUST SAY “HEY YO HERE’S WHAT WENT DOWN REAL SORRY ABOUT THAT” That’s it that’s all she’s gotta do. That’s like one letter to Anduin. Boom. Broken Isles conflict over.

“But it’s World of WARcraft! Not World of PEACEcraft!” Goddammit shut the hell up I’ve got demons to kill I don’t need Axeshit Murderfucker, the Draenei Defenestrator to get on his soapbox and explain his beef with ME IN PARTICULAR while we’re both neck deep in demons. There’s enough shit to fight.