WHATS UP FAMS ya boi Doitsuki back at it again with the commissions

$10 Headshot lineart

$15 Flat color OR simple cel shading for Headshots

$15 Halfbody Lineart

$25 Fullbody Lineart

$30 Half body colored, shaded, gradient’d and armor is calculated based on how detailed it is

Anything else negotiable AND there are also paintings! Do you see those greyscale shenanigans up there? Those are done on an hourly basis – chuck twenty bucks at me per hour and I’ll paint anything for ya! (except mech / fur because how even do you do that lmao)

Msg me at >  with all your questions, references and dank memes! 

[Prices in USD, Paypal’s chill, also will take WOW token for a $15 comm]

sub runs out today so i thought i might uh. plug the comms once more ahah