I don’t care if I lose a thousand followers overnight, but if you think “tranny” or “shemale” are remotely acceptable ways to refer to a transgender person, please unfollow me.

The number of notes on this pleases both my ego and my fragile faith in humanity.

Adding on, “extra hole boy”, or “pussy boy” are equally abominable ways to refer to trans men.

Dont use Shim, shehe/heshe, chick with a dick d*ckgirl or c*ntboy either

and if you use “it” to dehumanize any trans person i will personally come to your house, break down your door, and piss on everything you own

‘Sissy’ and ‘trap’ are also utterly reprehensible…

Also if you call a trans woman futa I will kick your fucking teeth in

Please yes, im fucking sick of people looking at and consuming futinari culture and think that’s what we are

is it okay for a person who is not trans to reblog this?

Given the fact this is a legit list of words that trans people don’t want to be called/don’t want to hear, I hereby decree this post may be reblogged by everyone who wants to spread the word that these words are NOT ACCEPTABLE.