HRGH So I’m in a bit of a bind here and long story short thanks to 4 dental appointments in the past couple months, my bank is drained of money and I owe $1k for bills in like 10 days. Which will effectively make me broke. I only get so much on payday so I’d really like to get some extra cash just in case.

If anyone’s interested in commissioning me send me a message. I don’t have much in terms of recent examples cuz I’ve been busy with my current job, but you can check my art tag nonetheless. I’d be willing to do $20 headshots, $30 waist ups. Full color and shading. Anything bigger would have to be negotiated as I cannot guarantee it’ll get done in a timely manner due to how little time I actually have. That being said, I ask everyone to be patient as I work on the art as quickly as my schedule allows.

Alternatively, donations to my paypal would be appreciated too.