NORMAL: Bust: $35 // Waist-up: $45 // Full-body: $50 // + $30 per character*

GREMLIN: Bust: $5 // Waist-up: $10 // Full-body: $15 // + $10 per character

* Only available for waist-up and full-body

– Armor is + $10-25 depending on the complexity. I will refuse anything similar to the judgement armor. (Aka; Too complex)

– I will simplify armor for gremlin commissions and it will be + $5-10 depending on the complexity.


  • Original Characters.
  • Pin-ups
  • Minimalistic Background™
  • Nudity. (No genitalia)
  • Gore.


  • Porn
  • Animals
  • Mecha
  • Backgrounds.

– Here’s my commission tag and my art tag

– You need to have a visual reference.

– I require payment after approval of the first sketch.

– I only accept PayPal and I’ll send an invoice.

– All commissions include colour and shading.

Email Title: Commission Request – [Insert your URL/Name]
Name of character: [Name]
Age: [Age]
A little description: [Describe whatever the references doesn’t show and their overall personality and anything else that you think is important for me to know!]
What you want: [This can include poses, expression, etc! Let me know or we can talk about it together!]
Visual Reference: [This is a must]
Paypal Email: [I for me to send an invoice to]


If there’s anything I haven’t specified, let me know and we will discuss it!

Yo! I’m opening up some spots, like 3 or so!

I’ll make a post when I dont take more and I’ll delete this post!

I won’t do complex and detailed armor this time! (Or I’ll simplify it in the gremlin style!)