COMMISSIONS ARE ONCE AGAIN OPEN, I’m trying to buy myself groceries!

As you guys know, I recently left my fiance of almost 2 years, and I had to move out of state, and it cost me ALL of my money. ANY little bit helps, and I’m just trying to survive until I can get a callback for a job. I feel terrible that I’ve been constantly in trouble financially for the past couple months, but shit’s been REALLY rough. I’m finally in a place where I can get my life back together, I just need to make it through the next month or so, until I can get hired somewhere.

My prices can be found here:

I’m also willing to stream the art, free of charge. As in, all in one sitting, if you buy before Monday! (Because I honest to God have nothing to eat.)

Please direct message me here on Tumblr, or message me at Hallowedhymn@gmail.com if interested!

Or, if you just want to donate, my paypal is sansunari@outlook.com