Yo you forgot to turn on anon once
@rookuthelock the accusations are true, idk if you care but I thought you could

THIS BITCH LMAO,is she still on that shit?

What the….

This bitch needs to have her face beat in. It’s that kind of thinking because she’s so insecure she won’t find her own cis male. Smdh. Dummmmm. (She doesn’t get the b because she’s that dumb)

Reminder that happened two years ago


i went to look into this to make sure I wasn’t spreading outdated accusations but not much is different. mona’s “smut blog” has now accommodated “gay / les” p*rn

(how progressive lol)

whereas before she explicitly said she would never draw same-sex couples. However her word choices and restrictions are still transphobic. Artists are free to choose what they want to draw, but rejecting to draw anything but cisgender people is transphobic. The blog was updated today (Oct 11, 2017). 

If she’s made an apology, I missed it. I’m not one for hate-mongering and as somebody who was basically raised by 4ch*n and clawed my way up from the dregs I am extremely enthusiastic about and supportive of redemption and the ability to change, so I’m not trying to hold somebody accountable for past hatreds if they’ve grown and apologized. But as far as I can tell, mona’s bigotry is still current, and it isn’t due to a language barrier. 

a good addition