Rules | Guidelines

  • The price of the sketches depends on complexity. These are generally done quickly so I’m willing to make accommodations.
  • EUR and paypal only. 
  • Complex backgrounds or scenes raise the price. So do anything NSFW.
  • I don’t do refunds but you can back out of a commission that wasn’t paid for yet. You don’t need to give an explanation for it
  • I can decline a commission without further explanation.
  • References are appreciated, but not necessary. I have worked with written descriptions before.

If interested please message me here on tumblr @monstrous-hourglass.

Something of an emergency

I’m usually very chill about whether I get commissioned or not, but after a big argument with my family they (hopefully only temporarily) locked me out of my bank account by claiming that my card was stolen and tying the online login to my mother’s phone number.

My mother’s obsession to control and monitor my every move has been getting steadily more extreme since I started university. This isn’t the first stunt like this she pulled and won’t be the last and I don’t dare to imagine what she will come up with next time.

I have a secret bank account I’ve been ferreting money away to, but getting everything together for the semester depleted most of it. If you can afford it please consider commissioning me or if not, and as I’m permanently broke I perfectly understand that too, please share this. Every little bit helps.