can’t say you learn much lore from dragons but you DO learn that both shimada brothers are dramatic as hell

  • hanzo sneaking through hanamura like a criminal
  • genji watching him so he can make his entrance after hanzo goes in
  • hanzo fighting all the guards even though their positioning isn’t even that good and he could probably just flank left and around the back like seriously? you’ve lived here you should know that
  • shooting the cellphone
  • genji standing on the hut roof so he is dramatically silhouetted by the full moon behind him as his ribbon flows in the wind
  • the incense burning a decade after the fact and remember he murdered to get here
  • hanzo talking to genji without facing him and also basically daring him to fight
  • xbox on
  • all of the extra acrobatics genji does to dodge the arrows
  • firing out exactly 3 (three) shuriken that miss. i guess to look cool
  • genji dashing outside so hanzo will follow hjim and he can continue his dramatic callout 
  • cutting the arrow in half
  • hanzo going in with the bow melee
  • well i can’t kill this guy with my arrows, time to unleash the fucking dragons
  • well this guy still hasn’t figured out who i am yet, time to unleash the fucking dragon
  • well i couldn’t kill this guy with my dragons, time to die
  • genji holding the blade to hanzo’s throat but probably not really even considering killing hanzo he just lives for the rush
  • face reveal
  • the world is changing once again hanzo … and it’s time……… to pick a side
  • genji’s jump away
  • i’m going to stop writing the dialogue down because all of it is pretty fucking wild
  • hanzo picking up the wall arrow and aiming it even though he’s landed exactly zero arrows and zero dragons
  • genji’s smoke exit plus feather

anyway that’s my rundown. see ya