$50 O.C. Portrait Commissions!

Head and shoulders: soft lines, full color, shading, highlights


Wildstar and World of Warcraft characters are preferred. I will also do monsters and O.C.s from various other universes as long as ample picture reference is given (screenshots, art, etc.). I am not interested in doing canon characters at this time, sorry. Furries will be considered. Gigantic shoulder armor will not be included.

I reserve the right to decline any character for any reason.


To reserve a slot, email me – HKLuterman AT gmail DOT com

Include picture reference (the more the better!) and a brief description of your character / what expression you would like in your email.

Payment must be made up front via Paypal. I will invoice you. Please be prepared to communicate quickly, as I prefer to work fast.

You get a high-res file for your own personal enjoyment.








Gathering slots to begin on Monday!