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Oh man I LOVE genetics. Here’s the most likely explanation:

There are 7 types of twin, but what’s important here is that they aren’t identical. Identical twins are the result of one zygote splitting into two, so both twins came from the same egg AND same sperm, so they inherited identical genetic information from their parents

In the case of other types of twin, two separate eggs got fertilized by two separate sperm. Not all eggs and sperm carry the same information, so you can in fact inherit a completely different set of characteristics.

In the case of these twins, they present dramatically different phenotypes, but it’s really no less shocking than inheriting a different nose or eye color than your twin. Since the genes for darker skin, hair, and eyes tend to be dominant, and the genes for lighter skin, hair, and eyes recessive, it’s most likely that one of the twins parents is mixed race and the other is white, or they’re both mixed race. It’s less likely that one parent is mixed and the other is solely black because that would make the passing on of the “white” genes much much less likely since they’re recessive, and them presenting at all means they would have to come from both parents.

Another type of twin is twins produced through superfecundation. In superfecundation, two eggs are released and are fertilized within a few days of each other by two different sperm-donors. This is technically possible in this case as well but seems less likely considering how much these twins look like each other in facial structure. Look at the eyes and the nose. These are features that are more likely to be a composite of the parents features, and they’re so similar on these twins that they likely share both parent