Hello all! I’m Mimi, I’m a 19 y/o Latina, and as some might know, I recently had to move because my landlady evicted us on legally unfair grounds. Unfortunately, in the midst of moving, our truck with nearly all of our belongings was stolen in the middle of the night. All our electronics, our photo albums, our mementos, beds, clothes, everything we had and knew was stolen, and insurance won’t cover the theft. Sensitive information like our social security, birth certificates, and even a folder with all my bank info was taken with it. We estimate about $30k worth of stuff was taken, and it’s been really hard getting through it, especially emotionally.

Luckily, I do have my work computer and laptop still with me, thank goodness. And my dad is working really hard to get us back on our feet and replace what was lost, but if there’s anyone who’s able to give a lending hand, I’d appreciate it immensely. I know it’s probably not the best time to be asking for help considering all the stuff going on around the world, but if anyone can give even just a dollar, it’d help me out.


I also do commissions! Just a fair warning, however, that due to my living situation and lack of my proper rig, I may take significantly longer to complete commissions, but I am capable of still doing them, as well as finishing what I have currently.

Commission info + prices
Art examples can be found on my art blog @bheartart , my website listed above, or in my tag “#bheart art”. Here’s some down below